Mitchell County Elementary School

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Counselor's Corner: Test Preparation

We are approaching the end of another school term. The children have been exposed to many, many new standards. To determine how much your child has learned, he/she will be administered the Georgia Milestones/End of Grade Assessment beginning Monday, April 30, 2018 and ending Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Students in grades 3 & 4 will take this assessment. Students in the 2nd grade will also complete an End of the Year Assessment to assess their learning for the year. .......


“All young people should be prepared to think deeply and to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow.” .........
STEM Night

A Black History Celebration at MCES

On February 23, 2018, a celebration of Black History was held at Mitchell County Elementary School, and what a celebration it was! Without fail, our students were once again simply amazing. Our second, third, and fourth grade students sang beautifully, spoke eloquently, and danced divinely. Second grade teacher, Cassandra Scott, was tasked with putting a program together and she well exceeded the expectation..........
Black History Program

Rollin' & Reading on the Eagle Express

Look for the bus at the same locations on Monday's at Southfork and Wednesday's at Jester Building and West Circle. Monday: Southfork Apartments from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday: West Circle from 4-5 p.m. and Boys & Girls Club from 5-6 p.m. Contact your child's school for more details.


Wednesdays at MCES have been designated as STARS (Sisters Taking Action to Realize Success) T-shirt Day. The first STARS Day was November 15, 2017. At the close of the day, the girls met with STARS advisors, Ms. S. McIvory and Mrs. I. Parker, for their after-school meeting. The girls were so excited to share the pride they felt while wearing their shirts! Many people wanted to know all about the program and complimented the girls’ positive attitudes.
STARS December


Mitchell County Elementary School has a new mentoring program called STARS. Its advisors, Ms. S. McIvory and Mrs. I. Parker are excited to be working with some very special girls! STARS is an acronym for Sisters Taking Action to Realize Success.


In The Spotlight


Ashlee Shiver

Mitchell County Elementary School Teacher of the Year
                Ashlee Shiver has been a teacher in the Mitchell County School System for four years.  She received her Bachelor’s degree from Grand Canyon University in Arizona and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She has a passion for special education and celebrates every milestone, no matter how big or small, with her students.  She supports her students through the learning process because she knows this is only the beginning of their journey.
                Mrs. Shiver insists that her mission is to “…give my children the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. I ensure that many opportunities of learning exist beyond the walls of our classroom by teaching my children to explore different routes and methods of learning.  Learning takes place well-beyond pencil, paper, and textbooks.”
                Mrs. Shiver’s message to all is that ALL children can achieve. Children achieve and learn at different levels and have different abilities.  The most important step to ensure that all children become achievers is to have supportive and driven educators working with them. Achievement does not just come in the form of high test scores.
                She chooses to take the position that her students can and will do things beyond what most people believe they can accomplish.  This idea can be applied to all students.  She believes that “sometimes we have to go beyond the obvious when we work with children.”
In The Spotlight Image