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Counselor's Corner

Mitchell County Elementary School Counselor’s Corner
Back in the Swing of ThingsGuidance Counselor

I am so excited to enter into a brand new school term!!!! I am Vanessa Williams, school counselor at Mitchell County Elementary School. I am anxious to welcome our new 2nd graders and parents to our school. I am here to make sure you all feel welcome and get comfortable with our faculty and staff and our building. Feeling welcome will help you relax and student success will increase. I am excited to welcome our 3rd and 4th graders and parents back for an adventurous school year. Get ready to learn new skills and discover new concepts.
I am here to help you build relationships with your classmates and teachers so that students and parents will be able to progress through the school year with ease. This year I will help you learn about yourselves; who you are and what you like/do not like. You will learn about your emotions and feelings and how to cope with different situations. Your will also begin to explore what career you may want when you get older. With us working as a team (administration/faculty/staff, parents, students), each student will reach their potential!!!!
So let’s get started!!!!!