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Counselor's Corner

Mitchell County Elementary School Counselor’s Corner

“Our New Normal”


I am so excited to enter into a brand new school term!!!! I am Vanessa Williams, school counselor at Mitchell County Elementary School. I am anxious to welcome our new 2nd graders and parents to our school. I am here to make sure you all feel welcome and get comfortable with our faculty and staff and our building. Feeling welcome will help you relax and student success will increase. I am excited to welcome our 3rd and 4th graders and parents back for an adventurous school year. Get ready to learn new skills and discover new concepts.


We all know that we are facing uncommon times.  As a counselor, I would like you to know that I am here to help guide everyone through this time.  Top concern for me right now is our mental health; not just our students and teachers, but parents as well.  Some things I can help you cope with are stress, anxiety and depression.  I am also here to help with any other issues that may appear.  We are all on this educational journey together.  Our theme this year is Mission: Possible; Raising the Standard!!!!  So, let’s get rolling!!!!


Vanessa Williams, MCES Counselor