Mitchell County Elementary School

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A Black History Celebration at MCES

Second grade teacher, Cassandra Scott, was tasked with putting a program together and she well exceeded the expectation. The teachers and other staff who worked so closely to put on such a wonderful production cannot go unnoticed. The entire program was outstanding. The program committee (C. Scott, B. Richardson, J. Ross, A. Harris, V. Williams, J. Howard, K. Spence, J. Mullins, I. Parker) is to be commended, as well.  We were graced with a selection, “I’m Blessed” by the guest choir from Zion Grove Missionary Baptist Church, under the direction of Katrina Spence.  Mi’yon Fenn shared with us a poem entitled “Hey Black Child” and inspired us to greatness with a question: “Hey, Black Child, do you know who you are?” Then encouraged us to excellence with the answer: “Be what you can be, learn what you must learn, do what you can do, and tomorrow your nation will be what you what it to be.” Then, A’Mya Daniels portrayal of Ruby Bridges taught us that a small child can make a giant difference!  Our spirits were lifted as we were danced into “Glory” by the St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church Praise Dance Team.  In a story told by a grandmother (Zyan Drakes) and grandfather (Rondrail Burley, Jr.), we heard the strong voices of Black heroes: Nat Turner (Marcus Vicks), Frederick Douglass (Jerran Grissom), Sojourner Truth (Haven Saxon), Harriet Tubman (Jaliyia Williams), Green Flake (Alex Hines), Booker T. Washington (Royal Marcus), Rosa Parks (Parris Wilder), and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jameson Crump). This skit also included the singing voices of teachers Janie Mullins, Ashley Harris, Cassandra Scott, Brentic Richardson, Counselor Vanessa Williams, and registrar, Katrina Spence.
 Special Guest” Mrs. Rutha M. Harris, FREEDOM SINGER:

Mrs. Rutha M. Harris was the special guest speaker for the program. She gave a little background about the Civil Rights Movement and what valuable role the Freedom Singers played during the Movement. Mrs. Harris also graced us with her mesmerizing voice by singing two selections.