Mitchell County Elementary School

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MCES Students Visit American Dairy Company

September 27, 2017 was an exciting day for Mitchell County Elementary School Students! They visited the American Dairy Company in Baconton, GA in observance of “World School Milk Day.” On the first stop of their tour, the students found themselves standing on the scales where trucks are weighed. Next on the tour, students visited the room that shows the pipes that milk is pumped through that leads to the tankers. Then, they went into a space where the cows are cleaned and connected to the milking machines. The students really enjoyed this COW-A-BUNGA field trip! MCES faculty takes learning seriously, so before students even entered the buses, a short discussion was had. Several questions were asked, such as, “Why are cows important to our lives?” “Can you name any products that are made from the milk cows produce?” These questions led to an interesting discussion. Upon their return to school, Students, guided by their teachers, were able to continue the discussion of their adventure as it related to each of the subjects they are learning throughout the school day.