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Education is like a baseball game, it needs all its players: parent, teacher, community, and student.

January 2017
Mitchell County Elementary School hosted its 2nd Academic Parent Teacher Teams Meeting on January 23, 2017. APTT is a program that will give all parents of MCES the KEYS TO SUCCESS for their child by increasing quality and quantity of parent- teacher communication and interaction. Parents of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students came out to learn how they can help their child at home master foundational skills like reading fluently, comprehending texts, mastering multiplication/ division facts and mastering addition/subtraction facts. Teachers provided parents with the activities they can do at home with their child to ensure their child masters foundational skills and the materials needed to do those activities. To show parents how important the 5 P’s are at MCES, a “Prompt Prize” was given to the first and second parent in each grade-level that arrived to the APTT meeting. Parents who received the “Prompt Prize” were: 2nd Grade- Jerry Harris, Sr.; father of Jerry Harris, Jr. and Linda Battle; mother of Kiara Battle. 3rd Grade Nicole Cannon; mother of Adrian Burns and Susanna Giggey; mother of Jett Menix. 4th Grade- Washika Mullins; mother of Elisha Mullins and Melanie Lee; mother of Daniel Lee. MCES would like to thank all of the parents who came out to the 2nd APTT Meeting to learn how to help their children at home with reading and math skills.